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​​​​​​​We offer a wide range of payment options to meet our client's needs and ensure we can provide the best service possible. We accept the following payment methods:

American Express

There are two types of health insurance that can assist you in paying for your eye care and optical products. You may have both types, and we accept the following insurance plans:

  1. Vision plans (such as VSP, NBN and others)

  2. Medical insurance (such as Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Regence Uniform Medical, Medicare and others).

Routine vision wellness exams, as well as eyeglasses and contact lenses, are the only services covered by vision plans. Medical eye care is not covered by vision plans (the diagnosis, management, or treatment of eye health problems).

  • Medical eye care must be covered by insurance ( examples include: diabetes, macular degeneration and cataracts.)

  • If you have both types of insurance, we may be required to bill some services to one plan and others to the other. To do this correctly and minimize your out-of-pocket expenses, we will use a procedure known as coordination of benefits.

  • If your insurance does not cover certain fees, such as deductibles, co-pays, or non-covered services, we will bill you for them, as permitted by the insurance contract.

When you make an appointment, please bring your insurance cards to our staff member so we can make a copy, or you can text us a photo of your insurance card. To bill your insurance, we must have your medical insurance and vision cards on file.

Insurance we accept

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